A Bug’s Life

As part of Museum Victoria’s Outreach Program, the Kinder program had ‘Backyard Bugs’ come out to visit. This was a great opportunity for the children to learn about broader community organizations (such a Museum Victoria), to learn about becoming more socially responsible and also to learn to show respect for the environment. Through a range of stories, song, and activities Kent guided the children on how to differentiate between bugs and insects, what bugs can do, the role bugs play in our natural environment and respecting the natural environment.

The children had the opportunity to hold a katydid and showed great eagerness in touching it. Many children were amazed at how large a bug could be and how it resembled a leaf. Those that were brave enough to hold the katydid were surprised to feel how light the bug was. The children also had a chance to look at a goliath stick insect, and were shocked at the swift motion a preying mantis displayed when being fed a cricket. They also had the opportunity to explore a range of preserved bug specimens. Many of the children were impressed with the size of the tarantula and the wide variety of colours butterflies come in.

The children really enjoyed learning about the fascinating world of bugs and the extraordinary things bugs can do.


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