Celebrating NAIDOC week

Over the past 2 weeks the children at Kool Kidz on Wellington have been celebrating NAIDOC week. NAIDOC week is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognize the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society. Children participated in various activities such as dot and traditional rock painting, didgeridoo making using recycled materials and hand printing.

Our entrance was turned into an inspiring display of the children’s artwork and participation, showcasing art pieces including an Aboriginal flag put together by the Kindergarten group’s handprints.

We also had the privilege of having a special visitor, Matt Coleman, who read to the Kindergarten and Caterpillar children a well-known Aboriginal Dreamtime story, “The Frog Who Wouldn’t Laugh.” Matt also shared some Aboriginal instruments such as an “Emu caller”, which is also used for hunting and traditional music. Children, parents and educators had lots of fun dancing and acting out Australian animals with each other.

What a great experience and time it has been at Kool Kidz on Wellington!


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