A visit from Responsible Pet Ownership

In March the Rowville Kindergarten children were fortunate to have a visit from Peter and his dog Willow who came to talk about Responsible Pet Ownership. Peter teaches children about how to behave around dogs they meet in the street, in their own homes and other people’s homes. To help reinforce the message of how to behave around dogs the children participated in looking at pictures, answering questions, doing music and movement and acting out scenarios.

The main theme taught was what to do when:

1. you see a dog on the street or at the park
• No Owner
• No Leash
• No Touch

2. what to do when you see an angry dog
• Stay still
• Put your hands by your side
• Look down at the ground
• Stay quite as a mouse
• When the dog moves away take two small steps backwards and then find an adult to tell

3. and how to safely pat a dog
• Ask the owner “May I please pat your dog?”
• Make your hand into a fist and hold out the back of your hand for the dog to sniff
• Walk to the side of the dog and give him a pat on his side.

The children were then very excited to have the opportunity to practice safely patting Willow the dog.

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