Jodie Ryan

“I would personally like to write to you, on my daughters last day in attendance at your wonderful service, where she will soon begin her journey to Primary School. For my daughter and myself, it is the ‘where to begin’ with thanking you and all the amazing staff at Kool Kidz on Wellington”. Having a child in care was initially one of the most difficult and emotional decisions I have ever had to make in my life. However, after Ella’s first visit to Kool Kidz on Wellington, I knew it was the right decision.

Ella first attended Kool Kidz in 2010 at 7 months of age. After over 4 years of attending Kool Kidz, Full Time, Ella now must leave Kool Kids to begin her next journey in life, to attend primary school. As Ella’s mother, I thank all the wonderful staff at Kool Kidz, for their professional support, love, kindness, warmth, comfort, guidance and much needed assistance when it came to the upbringing and care for my daughter, Ella. Your staff were not only always there to support Ella in the upmost professional manner, but were also there to support myself being a first time mother who worked full time.

Staff at Kool Kidz provided me with endless guidance and assistance relating to how to raise, care for and nurture a child. It was the professional Staff at Kool Kidz that provided me with many answers and much needed support.

Kool Kidz staff identified when Ella no longer needed a bottle (that one was hard for myself to let go), when she no longer needed nappies, was ready to take her first steps. The staff noticed her first tooth appear, taught her to experiment with paint, encouraged her to eat well, to be polite, to share and play with others, to be happy and to just be a kid and have fun, encouraged her to read, write and be excited about learning. Ella would come home every day from care and share with me, something positive she learnt or discovered.

I would highly recommend Kool Kidz on Wellington to any family seeking care in the future and who are seeking a similar outstanding journey that Ella and I have experience over her early childhood years.”


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