Multicultural Week: 24th–28th November

Multicultural week was a huge success here in Rowville at Kool Kidz on Wellington childcare service, with everyone really getting into the spirit of things!

Kool Kidz is a cultural diverse service with children of many different types of backgrounds, languages and beliefs and it is really great to be able to explore them all within the rooms.

The younger rooms really enjoyed cooking some tasty treats, including Italian pizzas (using spinach grown in our own yard), Dutch Pofferjies and yummy sushi rolls. They also got their dancing shoes on to some Fijian songs a parent had kindly bought in. Then Rose, one of our educators, took to “the stage” and taught the children some traditional moves from the Solomon islands whilst the children were dressed in grass skirts and flower leis!

The older rooms were lucky enough for a mother to read the children two lovely children’s books in Arabic. She then taught the children a fun Arabic counting game that they all found very interesting.
After this they put their cooking skills to the test and made some Greek tzatziki dip and sushi rolls. It was then the turn of another of our educators, Sharmini, to shine as she taught the children her traditional dancing from Sri Lanka!

We want to thank all the parents who got involved in Multicultural week! It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone sharing parts of their cultures!!

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