Cultural Celebrations: 24th – 28th November 2014

Cultural Celebrations: 24th – 28th November 2014

Celebrating the wide range of cultures in the Rowville community, Kool Kidz on Wellington childcare provides the opportunity for children to learn and share aspects of each other’s culture and see that we are both the same, and different. It fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion in every child, family and staff member.

During Cultural Celebration week we would like to encourage children of all ages from 0 to kindergarten to come dressed in, or bring in, traditional clothing or artifacts from their family’s culture. This might include a flag, photos, books, music, musical instruments, or even an ornament that depicts an aspect of where they come from.

An important part of anyone’s culture is also food. We would welcome families to bring in a plate of food that could be shared with the peers of your child’s room. As we have children in our centre that are anaphylactic we require that any food brought into the centre strictly comply with our policy of being nut and egg free. A label listing the ingredients must accompany the plate of food so we can identify any other allergies.

A person’s heritage is an important part of their identity. It is extremely important to hold on to the traditions and customs of one’s culture and pass these on to our children. It teaches children to value and respect their families and have pride in who they are. It raises their self-awareness and confidence and increases their understanding of, and respect for, diversity and differences.

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