Footy Week at Kool Kidz on Wellington

This week Kool Kidz on Wellington celebrated the end of the 2014 AFL football season. All children and Educators were encouraged to wear their team colours for the week. The response was overwhelming, as it is each year – this is turning out to be one of our most popular dress-up occasions of the year! It is important that we include major cultural events into our program at Kool Kidz – this helps the children across the service begin to discover that they belong to a community.

The children had great fun colouring in their team colours, sharing football stories with their peers, throwing balls through hoops and pinning the tail on the goal post. There were even party pies, sausage rolls and cocktail frankfurters for lunch.

We look forward to a good game on Saturday, thank our families for participating in an exciting week and may the best team win!

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