Celebration of spring – Chicken Hatching

In celebration of the start of spring, we have had a chicken hatching program in our two kinder rooms. Over the past two weeks the children from the kinder rooms, as well as the other rooms, have had the wonderful opportunity to see first-hand the process of chickens hatching.

Initially the children were curious as to how we would look after the chickens and where the farmer would be. When the eggs did arrive they were quite surprised to discover the ten eggs in the incubator which prompted further questions like “Where are the chickens?” and “Why can’t we see them?”

After explaining to the children that the chickens were in the egg and we had to wait for them to come out, they eagerly watched the eggs for signs of cracking. As the chicks only started hatching after about two days, some of the children commented “When are they coming out? It’s taking too long”.

Fortunately the children only had to wait until Wednesday. After the hatching of two chicks over night, the children were on high alert to see if another would hatch. During the day egg watching turned to shrieks of excitement as the first crack or pipping was noticed by the children. The children were fortunate to watch the process of not one but three chicks hatch out of their shell that day. Watching the process of hatching evoked more questions from the children like “Why does the chicken look wet?” and “Where are its feathers?”

As the chicks have matured the children have had the opportunity to hold the chicks and watch them flutter about. They learnt about being gentle when holding and patting them. Many discussions were held around what they eat, where they will live, how they soil themselves, and how funny their feet feel.

The chicken hatching program has been a thrilling educational experience for all the children, bringing the joy of watching eggs hatching, and chicks emerging from their shells right into the kinder rooms.

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