Responsible Pet Ownership

This week the kinder children at Kool Kidz on Wellington had a special visit from Geraldine and her dog Jasmine, who are from the Responsible Pet Ownership Program. The purpose of the session was to speak to the children about how to be responsible around animals. Throughout the session the children learnt how to tell when a dog is angry, when not to touch a dog, what to do if you see an angry dog and how to ask an owner to pat their dog. The children were taught this through music and movement, acting out different scenarios and answering questions.

At the end of the session the children had the opportunity to show what they had learnt by acting out how to ask an owner if they can pat their dog. They asked Geraldine if they could pat her dog, then held out their hand for Jasmine to smell and finally walked around to the side of Jasmine to give her a pat. It was clear that the children loved interacting with Jasmine, and from a Kool Kidz perspective, we will make sure we continue to emphasise these life lessons for our children.

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