Kool Kidz Tarneit Building Update

It has been very busy on site over the last couple of months. With finishing touches being completed on a daily basis.

The kitchen was put in, showcasing stainless steel fixtures and benches. A state of the art functional dishwasher, and appliances being ordered and finalised.

The flooring has been laid with beautiful dark wood laminate, and a dark grey carpet, to compliment the white walls and features.











Reception was completed, offering a slightly smaller bench size and a mixture white stone and dark wood furnishing, a completed change from the original white stone desk that was there before.



As we near the completion of the building, fixtures suck as cabinets, lockers, storage cupboards and sinks are finally going in.


The yards are the last to be completed, which we have our gardener completing at the moment.

We are looking forward to being able to access the building, and get all our resources and play space set up.


Watch this space for more building updates.