Kool Kidz Tarneit come together, to celebrate a community.

Kool Kidz Tarneit come together, to celebrate a community.


On Friday the 16th of June, the Families and Educators of Kool Kidz Tarneit came together. It was a celebration of our families and our community which we have been working effortlessly for the last 2 ½ to bring together. Kool Kidz Tarneit was not just a building, it was a location for all our community to come together. Everyday 130 children would come to explore, interact, learn and grow, while creating, and nurturing wonderful friendships. This was the case for not only the children but for the families.

At the Play Hut in Altona the children were able to play with each other going through the playground, shooting balls, jumping on the trampoline and going down the big slide. The children laughed and smiled as they recognised their friends.

Liam and Smiley joined us from Hey Dee Ho offering a Hey Dee Ho session. The children enjoyed sizzling sausages and rocking their bears.

We also had Cassandra and her friends from the Dynamic Performers Australia group come and do a show for all of our children, families and educators. Encouraging them to dance, sing songs and add an element of dynamic flair.

Karen from Enchanted Brush came along to face paint the children’s faces. The children  were so excited to see her again, and were not shy to ask for princesses and superheros.

There were a number of people who were able to organise food and entertainment. Below is a list of people and companies who we would love to thank. (sorry, if I have forgotten anyone)


Shaz, Nicole, Karleen, Dianne, Tina, Jing, Simone, and Sam (parents who donated not only their time but food, drinks and goods for our raffles)

Mistie from Safeway for donations.

Zart Art from Noble Park for donating Art supplies.

Lori from Cakes for all for the wonderful cake.

Daniel’s Bakery, Hogan’s corner for the yummy donuts.

Sera form Sugared Events for the wonderful Lollies/Dessert table. It was a big hit!!

Karen from Enchanted Brush. Amazing.

Karen from Gleem n Clean Pty ltd for help with the clean-up.

Cassandra from Dynamic performers, and Liam and Smiley from Hey Dee Ho for their wonderful performances on the night.

SK Boutique Salon, Jennifer from Precious Lashes Extensions, Kelly form Salts of the earth, Ellen Camilleri, Laura from Bibbly kids, Julia from Jujo baby, Michelle from feel-good, Coles Tarneit West, Coles Werribee plaza, Tiptoe and co, and Kmart Werribee for their raffle donations.

Annie from Sunshine IGA for fruit, Grace for the sushi platter, Bakers delight for bread, and Baida Poultry for the chicken.


We would also love to thank everyone who was able to make it on the night, our community for coming together and enjoying the night, Sam, Ian and all the staff at Kool Kidz in Tarneit.

We love you all and will be back very soon.