Kool Kidz Tarneit visits the Wyndham Play Expo

Kool Kidz Tarneit visits the Wyndham Play Expo


On Wednesday the 24th of May our Caterpillars room leader Bec and our Butterflies assistant Mell attended the Wyndham Play Expo.

The Play Expo is free and is designed to give parents with children aged 5 and under ideas for hands on play experiences to use at home and encourage interactions between parents and children. With almost 10 per cent of Wyndham’s population aged 5 or under, this event is ideal for all the parents looking to engage and play more with their children. Play is important for children’s brain development and developing the different developmental areas. All different representatives from the early childhood industry set up simple experiences that families can replicate at home it gives them a better understanding of play based learning.

This is 6th time that Kool Kidz Tarneit have attended the Wyndham Play Expo and have really enjoyed using this experience as a way to provide simple play based learning experiences for families to provide for their children at home to enhance their learning. This time the Wyndham Play expo was held at the salt water community centre. This time we provided a simple numeracy and fine motor experience, where they look at the number and peg that amount of pegs onto the paper plate. For the younger children we also had some bright coloured sensory bottles for them to explore and respond to what’s inside. We did a construction and fine motor based experience using paddle pop sticks and pegs to challenge the children’s creativity.

The next play expo is yet to be confirmed but it is going to be around term 3.

Pegs And Paddlepop Sticks Sensory Bottles