Honeybees News April 2017

Honeybees News April 2017

We welcomed our new babies into Honeybees Room from 9th January 2017. Welcome to our new honeybees families and we all look forward to a rewarding year.

The children at Honeybees continue to settle in their new room. They are more comfortable with their educators and getting to know their peers. The children are also learning to get around our room, they are able to enjoy different toys and exploring our outdoor.

We celebrated “Australia Day” through painting using Australian colours. Our children (those who are able) enjoyed painting with their hands and feeling the paint.

On Friday the 17th February was our beach day. The children came to the centre wearing their colourful swimwear.

Pyjama Day was on the 20th February. Honeybees children were showcasing their favourite pyjamas and had a nice day just being feeling at home.

Your Honeybees Educators for 2017 are:

Mary Ron (Room Leader)

Hana (2nd in charge)




Heena & Manisha (casual relief)


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