Beetlebug News April 2017

Beetlebug News April 2017


Beetlebugs staff would like to WELCOME all the new families into our room: Olivia, Tomislav, Vyomie, Umar, Cormac Juuk Sophia, Moses, Krish and Daniel. All the new children are settling well in the room environment and getting familiar with the daily routine.


We said GOODBYE to some of our friends as they moved to JITTERBUGS! Ruby, Olivia, Max, you will be missed by all of us but it’s good that we can still see and play together as we share the same yard.


We celebrated the following birthdays in our room as far and would like to congratulate all the families and children who celebrate their BIRTHDAY with us. Deeksha, Cormac, Naomi and Hunter wish you all a very Happy Birthday.


We have been very busy in the room. The children are getting familiar with their new environment and the new routine we have introduced to them. All the children are doing really and the new children who joined us this year are settling well in the room.

The children have had an opportunity to participate in the various activities like cooking, painting, pasting, exploring the indoor and outdoor, play dough, group time and Hey dee ho. The children participated in all the activities with a great enthusiasm and curiosity Also they have been engaged in some intentional teaching activities as well like learning colours and sitting down in a group for a group time where we read a BOOK OF THE WEEK and also sing songs and rhymes for them. This will promote communication and literacy as they will learn to listen, sit still and understand spoken language. As they participate in a play dough this will promote sensory skills as they explore and respond to their environment.

The Minibeasts activity has been very popular in our room All the children loved this activity and we have extended on their interest by introducing something new like bugs in the ice for investigating and searching, painting activity and sorting the bugs etc.

The room activities are also kept the children busy within the room  They enjoyed all the activities in the room and we also kept on replacing and exchange the activities as per children interest. There is also something happening in the room which kept them busy and the children are learning at all the time.

Please feel free to talk to our friendly staff if you have any enquiries.

Teena, Tani, Cindy, Jyoti, Zamla and Mandy!


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