Jitterbugs News April 2017

Jitterbugs News April 2017

The children in the Jitterbug room have settled in so well and seem to be comfortable and have that sense of belonging within the room as the are comfortable with the educators and happy to come in. The children have been enjoying many fun experiences within the room where we have extended on the children’s interests as well as included some intentional teaching. Some of the main focus educators have been implementing throughout the weeks have been: Colours, shapes, literacy, and overall the children’s development in regards to challenging the children’s fine motors skills, coordination, social skills, communication skills and independence.

During meal times we have been encouraging the children to scrape their bowls, rinse them and pack them away. We have also been encouraging the children to dress themselves and apply their own sunscreen (assistance if needed)

The Jitterbug children have also been enjoying a variety of sensory play which helps to develop their cognitive development, fine motor skills and inspire their imagination.

 The children enjoy group times at least once a day where we read a variety of stories, sing songs and hold a discussion about certain events occurring. A few of the popular books the children request are ‘The Gruffalo’, “Wombat Stew” and “We’re going on a bear hunt”. The children are now familiarising themselves with these stories and like to join in when reading these books.

First, we created a nature area with a variety of dinosaurs and natural materials for the children to explore but  Recently a few of the children have shown an interest with sea life which has encouraged the educators to offer a sea enclosure offering sea animals and ocean themed resources instead

So far it has been as a great couple of months and we look forward to the rest of the year.



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