Butterflies News April 2017

Butterflies News April 2017

What a great first 8 weeks it has been in the butterfly room. Over the past 8 weeks, the children have got to know their new educators Madi, Suzy, Mel and Jas and have been building relationships and getting to know their new room. The butterfly children have been introduced to the term “self-help” and practicing their self-help skills. This has included; serving their own lunch and washing their bowl, practicing to dress and undress and putting their shoes on and also getting items themselves. The children have loved this new sense of responsibility in the room.

buts_2We have introduced the letter of the week, and so far have worked on the letters A, B, C. We have looked at the sound that the letter makes, what an upper and lower case letter is and even coming up with words that begin with that letter. In relations ion to this, we introduced show and tell which has provided children will the opportunity to find something at home that begins with the letter of the week and then talking about it in front their peers and educators. Children have responded well to show and tell and developing the confidence to talk in a large group.

buts_4The children have loved exploring their new outdoor yard, especially the veggie patch. The children have been heading out every day to water the garden and loved watching the veggies grow. There have been new A-frames and balance beams added to challenge the children’s gross motor skills. The children love arts and crafts and have enjoyed exploring the newly set up art area, chalk and paint have been the main focus and the children have enjoyed creating and displaying their art word.

On January 25th we celebrated Australia day, the butterfly children were lucky enough to make their very own lamingtons, have a sausage sizzle lunch and we practice the national anthem. We have also been looking at the Australian and Aboriginal flag. We are looking forward to a fabulous year in the butterfly room and are very excited to watch the children grow and develop over the coming months.

Butterfly Team – Madi, Suzy, Mel and Jas



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