Caterpillars News April 2017

Caterpillars have been settling into their new environment and working on their language and social skills as we form new friendships. The children have been engaging in social play with each other by engaging in various play spaces and experiences in the room. Since moving into the room the children have a strong interest in transport, home corner including the shop, dolls house and babies, stories, sensory play and construction type activities.

 During group time the children have enjoyed bringing in an item of interest to them to discuss during group time. As of Monday 20th of February, we will start with a letter of the week starting with the letter A. Children will be asked to bring in something for show and tell which starts with that letter. In group time the children are learning to sit properly and engage in learning relationships with both peers and educators in the room. We have been discussing shapes, letters, numbers, colours and letters of the alphabet. The children are learning what letter their name starts with. We also have a daily calendar where the children are learning about dates, days, weather and months.

We welcome our new children who have recently started here at the service. The children have recently started participating in the fiction factory program and the Active 8 program. For a few of them, this is a new activity they haven’t participated in before. They are responding well to the program and trying their best. In Fiction Factory they are listening to stories by Liam reading a story, Liam telling a story using his imagination and listening to stories and music on the CD player. In Active 8 the children are learning to follow instructions and move their bodies in various ways using just their body and props.

The children have been learning about Australia where we have read Australian stories and our environmental section of the room was set up with Australian animals. The children have been introduced to the world globe and have been learning to identify where Australia is on the map. On Australia Day the children were excited about the cooking experience where we made lamingtons. We will be continuing to learn about other countries and exploring our world globe.

The children have been learning about our fruit and vegetable garden that we have in the outdoor environment. The children helped Emma pick some carrots from the garden and Sarah was able to bring in some carrots from her garden at home, for the children to see. Over the next few weeks, we will be having discussions about what else we could grow and the children will have the opportunity to plant some new items, into the garden. The children will then be able to watch them grow this year.

Thank you Caterpillars staff

Bec, Emma, Jess, Mel and Hailey


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