Grandparents and Special Persons Day 2017

Grandparents and Special Persons Day 2017

During the last week of March we held our annual Grandparents /Special person’s day. The children were able to invite either their Grandparent or a Special person along to join them in the afternoon. The children and Grandparents/Special person were able to sit down and have afternoon teas followed by various experiences both indoor and outdoor.

The Honeybees did hand paints with their grandparents/Special persons as well as having a photo booth. The children spent time indoors and outdoors, exploring the yards and playing at the playdough table.

The Snugglepots painted planter pots with their Grandparent / Special person and spent time enjoying the sun outdoors.
The Beetlebugs children made their own fairy bread, coconut slice and shortbread cookies. The children were able to ice their cookies with their Grandparents /Special person. The children spent the afternoon dancing and playing indoors and outdoors.

The Jitterbug children made special key rings that the children were able to decorate with their Grandparents /Special person. They spent the afternoon playing in the sandpit, with playdough and drawing both indoors and outdoors.
The Butterfly children spent time painting cups and little pots for their Grandparents /Special person to take home. They had a photo booth, which the children loved, necklace making and various games which the children and Grandparents /Special person seemed to enjoy.

The Caterpillar children made fairy bread with their Grandparents /Special person. The also spent time making a collage page for their Grandparents /Special person to take home. They made necklaces and had fun playing with the various experiences that were on offer both indoors and outdoors.

The Kinder room did a collage with different materials such as fabric, feathers, and pom poms. They invited a very special person along to do some Bollywood dancing which the children enjoyed, they are still practicing every day.
Kool Kidz Tarneit would like to thank each and every one of our Grandparents /Special person that were able to attend on the day. it was a great turn out and really was a pleasure being able to watch the children with their Grandparents /Special person’s.

Early Years Learning Frameworks Links:

OUTCOME 1: CHILDREN HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF IDENTITY- by offering opportunities for children to invite their Grandparent’s/Special person it gives them a sense of belonging. It encourages family interactions and the children display a sense of pride as they show the grandparent/Special person around their room.

OUTCOME 2: CHILDREN ARE CONNECTED WITH AND CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR WORLD- Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.

OUTCOME 3: CHILDREN HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF WELLBEING- Children are able to demonstrate trust and confidence within their room, they assert their capabilities and independence while demonstrating increasing awareness of the needs and rights of others

OUTCOME 4: CHILDREN ARE CONFIDENT AND INVOLVED LEARNERS- Children are more likely to be confident and involved learners when their family and community experiences and understandings are recognised and included in the early childhood setting.
Links to the Kool Kidz Curriculum.

Letters and Words- Some children were able to communicate with the Grandparent/Special person about their room and what they do while they are at Kool Kidz

Let’s pretend- Children were able to use various role playing experiences to interact and play with their Grandparent/Special person.

Healthy active Bodies- Children were able to use their bodies to dance and complete physical activities such as jumping, running and riding bikes.

Art Expression- Children were able to explore their creativity through various experience across the service. Collage, painting cups and pots, creating necklaces and experiencing the joys of playdough including manipulation, fine and gross motor skills.

My Five senses- Children were able to use their senses to play with the playdough, creating and baking biscuits, slices and fairy bread.

Me, Myself and I- Children were able to guide and show their Grandparent/Special person all of their things that they have in their room. Locker tags, artwork and photos were on display for the children to encourage belonging and inclusive practices.