Snugglepots News November 2016

We are now in Term 4, nearly the end of the year.

The Snugglepots children have been busy making a lot of things in the last term. We made a Marine Wall which we decorated. The children painted colored paper to make fish. Using their hand prints, we made crabs and put them on our marine wall.

We had a few pyjama days where the children and the staff were all dressed up in their pyjamas. The children were excited during these

times as they were able to wear their favorite pyjamas with their favorite characters, Peppa pig and George were their favorite.


Spring has come and what a beautiful season it is going to be. To welcome the season, the children displayed their artistic talents once again when we painted paper and made them as flowers. We displayed the children’s artwork on the ceiling just near our Reading corner.

Welcome to snugglepots family

We welcomed the new members to our Snugglepots family:

Fariha, Caesar, Noah D., Lucas E., Vidyut, Rhian
We said our farewell to our friends:
Ansh (moved to Bettlebugs)
Meral, Ryder W., Lucas Cai.

Snugglepots sffs