Jitterbugs News November 2016

Jitterbugs News

Over the last couple of months, we have focused the learning in the room around positive interactions as well as conflict resolution. We will be continuing this learning over the coming months, we  feel that we are slowly seeing some improvement. Through this focus, educators are attempting to continually introduce new experiences and projects with the children.
Our current project are our grass heads which have just begun growing. We will be furthering these by placing the children’s pictures onto them so that the children know which is theirs as well as extending on their sense of belonging within the Jitterbugs Room. We will also be looking at placing the grass heads in a permanent place outside so that children feel a sense of responsibility towards their grass head.
We have also been using our creative sides to do lots of different messy play experiences. Children have been enjoying mixing different colours in water outside on the warmer days and making their own slime. Through these sensory play experiences, children are able to use their different senses to explore the material as well as enjoy the process of making the materials themselves.
Moving into the warmer months, we will be continuing this messy and water play outdoors. We do ask that families bring in multiple changes of clothes for the Jitterbugs children for these experiences.
Caitlin, Cherise, Courtney and Jan