Caterpillars News November 2016

Caterpillars Room

A lot has been going on in the caterpillar’s room in the last few months. Over the months of August and September the children followed the journey of Kristin’s pregnancy. We were lucky enough to have Kristin bring in her heart Doppler and we were able to listen to her baby’s heart. The children were very interested in Kristin’s baby and the way in which a baby grew in our mummy’s stomach. We added baby dolls, nappies, prams and baby clothes into the home corner and the children were able to role play and extend on their interest in babies, and we even had a play with Elijah, a baby from the Honeybees room. Kristin bought in her ultrasound pictures and the children were able to see what the baby looked like in her tummy. Kristin had then gone on Maternity leave and the children eagerly asked each day if she had given birth to her baby. The caterpillar children were then able to meet Kristin’s baby, Charlie on October 27th, the children were amazed at how Charlie was now out of Kristin’s tummy and in the world. We then has extended by learning about the human body and moved on to learning the bones of the body, the children learnt the bones song and the names of the bones in our body, educators had bought in X-rays for the children to have a in depth look at a real bone.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Dr Jay a dentist who spoke to the children about healthy eating and how the children show look after their teeth. A doctor’s area has been set up in the caterpillar room with equipment from a real hospital for children to role play and explore.

A brand new garden was creating in the shared Caterpillar and butterfly yard. Educators and children worked throughout the weeks to create a very special fairy garden, a vegetable patch, scarecrow and a vertical garden. The children have loved been able look after the garden and keep the plants growing. Each day the children fill up their watering cans and water each plant and checking if any vegetables have grown. This has given the children a sense of responsibility in the room and it has been so great to see the children take pride in their environment.

The children have been continuing to learn Mandarin with Jessica, we extended by looking at the country of China and the Chinese culture. Jessica talked to the children about the Chinese Dragon and the special events that are celebrated in China. The children had the opportunity to create a Chinese flag and fans. We have begun signing songs in Chinese and the children have been very excited to learn the Happy Birthday song.

We have celebrated lots of special events over the past few months. The AFL grand final was on in October and the children participated in a sports day and came dressed in their favourite sporting team colours and participated in a variety of different sporting games throughout the day. We also celebrated Diwali the Indian festival of lights, we spoke to the children about how Diwali is celebrated and some children came dressed in traditional Indian dress.  On October 31st we had a movie dress up day and the children and educators came in dressed up as their favourite movie characters. We are heading into the end of the year now and beginning to start our Christmas festivities and helping the children to transition from pre kinder to Kinder.

From Bec, Madi,and Jess.