Beetlebugs News November 2016

 All the Beetlebug’s children have progressed through the year so well, we have had a few new children move up from the Snugglepots room and have adjusted to the room routine perfectly and built secure attachments with educators and children. We had sadly said goodbye to Beckk who has moved out the front to support the all educators and the office while Kristin is on Maternity leave, But we are excited to have Tani as the new room leader and welcomed ECA Yuli and Mrudru as permanent members of the Beetlebug team, All children have responded really well with this transition of educators. Over the past month the children have been involved in many different experiences including animal day where we had a visit from ‘Chewy’ Sam’s dog, which the children really loved and were showing some much affection and care for the dog. The children are showing more interest in their alphabet lately and are slowly beginning to recognise either the letter their name starts with or the different letters in their name. As the weather is warming up we have been exploring lots activities and experiences outside which include water play, numeracy outside and exploring little bugs outside. We plan to keep building on their numeracy and literacy skills through different activities as the children are showing an interest in them and as the year is coming to an end we want to finish the year with lots of fun.

From Tani, Yuli, Sam, Doreen and Mrudru.