Kinder Book Week

On Monday the 22nd of August we had a very special guest come to visit our Kindergarten children for a special book reading. Principle Mr Toose from Wyndham Park Primary School  read the book “ The things I love about School” by Trace Moroney.

The children listened intently asking and answering question as the booked progressed. When Mr Toose finished he spoke to the children about what happens at school, in the classroom and in the yard. He asked the Kinder children questions such as: “what do you think happens at school? “And “is there anything that you would like to know about School?’’. The children were excited listening to Mr Toose tell them about how school has a special bell that rings to let you know that it is recess time and lunch time, and how you get to bring your very own healthy lunch to school.

Kool Kidz Tarneit Kinder children would like to thank Mr Toose for his time and answering their questions. Stating that they are very ready and very excited for school next year!Kinder Book


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