Kinder News May 2016

Hello families and friends,

Since we last wrote, our room has been a flurry with new learning. Our exploration of life cycles was extended with the arrival of Nelly bunny and her kittens, and prompted by a question Cassidy asked: ‘Do baby rabbits hatch from eggs too?’ We learnt that rabbit kittens do not hatch from eggs, but grow in their mother’s tummies, ‘just like we do!’ as Alex observed, drinking milk and growing quickly from the hairless pink creatures we first observed into furry, recognisable bunnies!

It was a special treat to have some of our family members join us for our special Grandparent’s and Mother’s Day afternoon teas, recently. Thank you for taking time out of your day to join us in our room and have a play. We love being able to share this part of our lives with you!

During our free play experiences, we have been experimenting with different forms of weaving – starting with paper, then moving to threading and sewing. We have had a great time experimenting with colours, whilst engaging our fine motor skills and improving our hand-eye coordination.

Most recently, we have been focussing our attention on ‘opposites’ – which we have come to master SO quickly, the alphabet – working on a different letter every three days, and story-telling through the medium of puppetry. We have had a wonderful time creating stick puppets in our room, exploring popular fairy tales with hand puppets and feltings, and thinking about constructing tales of our own. In coming weeks, we will be putting together our own puppet theatres – one indoor, and one outdoor – where we will be able to put all our knowledge together to create shows for each other. We have such fantastic ideas and are looking forward to sharing them with our friends.

We look forward to telling you all about it soon!

The Kinder team,

Renée, Janine, Mel, and Anjila

Childcare Tarneit

Tarneit kinder playing with clay


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