Jitterbugs News May 2016

Throughout the past couple of months, the Jitterbug’s Room has been working on our self- help skills. We have mastered the art of applying our own sunscreen, and serving our own meals. Some of us have even begun toilet training!

As the weather is starting to get cooler we are going to continue to develop these skills through ensuring we dress ourselves appropriately for the different weather conditions. We will be serving our own soups and other winter foods and we will be collecting rain water to use on our gardens.

After recognising that the majority of Jitterbug’s children really enjoy outdoor play, and have particularly enjoyed running away from sharks and other sea creatures whilst playing outside, we have introduced an ‘Underwater’ theme to the room. We aim to extend on this theme over the coming month and see where it can take us. At the moment, we are focusing on learning about the different sea animals, and then using these sea animals to engage in alternate learning and sensory play.

Jitterbug’s educators have been creating a variety of group activities in an attempt to get the children interested and involved in group times. We have implemented a felt board activity from which we display pictures related to songs we have been learning, we are also beginning to implement sea animal focused yoga activities. So far the children have been really enjoying these activities.

The children have really enjoyed having Nelly and the baby rabbits in the centre. We have attempted to bring at least one rabbit each day into the Jitterbugs room, to ensure the children can watch their growth. We have related these visits back to looking after our own pet rabbit; Frankie, and also understanding about growth from babies to adults.

In the coming months, we aim to continue with our current theme and eventually even into other themes. Through using these themes we are focusing on finding time with each child individually to sit down and engage in an activity with them. We aim to use these one on one times to build on our relationships with the children and to use them as calming opportunities from the fast paced play the children often engage in.

On behalf of the Jitterbugs Educators; Lauren, Caitlin, Courtney, Kelly-Anne and Jan


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