Caterpillars News May 2016

The Caterpillars are really enjoying learning in their rooms, we have started a farm theme where we have been learning about what we might find on a farm. When we first started discussing some of the children already knew about fruit farms and what you might grow on them. We have been talking about what baby animals are called, their mums and dads as well as what they eat. We then have spoken about what we can get from each animal i.e. milk from a cow. This topic is then leading into our healthy eating topic where we will be speaking about good and bad foods.

During group time we introduced show and tell into the program. This has been working very well and the children are very excited to share what they bring in with their peers. It has been great to see the shy children who don’t talk too often share things with the class. We also read different stories where the children need to listen to the story and tell the educators what the story was about. We also taught the children about a book and what you find in a book i.e a book has a spine, front cover and a back cover. ECA Jessica has also been teaching the children to speak Mandarin. She introduced the children to counting to 10 as well as some greetings and the different body parts. ECA Jessica also taught the children the song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We have also been learning about 3D shapes which the children were able to pick up fairly easily. We also have been going through the days of the week and the months of the year. Each day we talk about the weather, what day it is, what month and the year. We also practice our counting skills and being able to read the numbers. We have been discussing letters and objects and things that start with each letter. This is helping extend on the children’s already growing vocabulary. Writing books were introduced into the room, the children are encouraged to work on their fine motor skills development and pencil grip while learning to write their letters. Some children have shown a great interest in this activity.

The children enjoyed the chicken hatching program and the rabbit rearing program that we had at Kool Kidz. Each day we got to bring the animals into the room and the children got to watch them grow over the period that they were here. The children also have got to participate in the active 8 program with Miss Cassie on Fridays. It has been great to see the children working on their fine motor skills development. We were able to introduce some of the resources Miss Cassie uses into our outdoor environment. Each week the children are learning the basic skills about how to move their bodies in different ways as well as how to play some sports. Some of the sports have included golf, tennis and ice skating. These skills will help them when they move on to playing sports in primary school. They have also been learning how to warm up and cool down after completing exercise.


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