Snugglepots News May 2016….

The month of April was a busy one. We did lots of activities which the children enjoyed and loved.

We started off with our “ANZAC” theme and the children created poppies using plates and muffin cups made of paper. The children enjoyed painting the paper plates and muffin cups using red, green and blue paints. We were so proud of our children that we displayed our artwork outside our room for everyone to see.

What a great way to say “thank you” to our grandparents/Special person by treating them with our afternoon tea. Our children at Snugglepots made some delicious chocolate balls which we shared and enjoyed with the grandparents/Special person.

“Mum” is the word. Children proudly made a very special artwork for their mums on Mothers day and it came from the heart. The children and their mums enjoyed our special afternoon tea plus other activities for the day. It was so much fun seeing the children enjoying making cupcakes and decorating it with different toppings. Yummm!!!!!

Our weekly cooking/baking adventure continues and this is one of the activities our children truly enjoy. Watch out for “what’s cooking” next week!!!

We welcome the new members to our Snugglepots family: Ayaan, Harsimar, Hunter, Naomi, Lucas, Noah, Anmol.

We said our farewell to our following friends: Aliet, Arjun, Liana, Elnathan, Florence, Daaniel, Jeevan, Sreya, Noah.


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