Baby Rabbits at Kool Kidz Childcare Tarneit

Baby Rabbits at Kool Kidz Childcare Tarneit

Life Cycles Continued- Rabbit Rearing Program at Kool Kidz Childcare Tarneit

Do baby rabbits come from eggs???

This was the first question the children asked when the baby rabbits arrived.

We are all excited to see the changes in our baby rabbits in their first week with us here at the Kool Kidz Childcare Tarneit. When they first arrived with their Mum “Nelly”, they had very little fur and looked like baby mice. They had their eyes closed and Nelly was going into their nest to give them lots of milk.

After the first week, each of the “kittens” (baby rabbits) has changed and got bigger, their legs and ears both getting longer, but their eyes not open just quite yet. They are quite wriggly now and moving around a lot.

Over the next week we are hoping to see their eyes open and them out hopping around with their mum. We are able to start handling them now so the children will all get a turn of having a hold.

Baby Rabbits

We have Nelly and her babies with us for 4 weeks as part of what’s called a Rabbit Rearing program for the children to really continue on their life cycles inquiry.
Stay tuned for the further updates on Kool Kidz Childcare Tarneit.


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