Life Cycles Investigation at Tarneit Early Childhood Education Centre

Life Cycles Investigation at Tarneit Early Childhood Education Centre

On Monday the 7th March, our Tarneit Early Childhood Education Centre received some eggs that were in an incubator from Living Eggs. The children were very excited to see what was going to happen. The children in a few of our rooms had been talking about growing, families and had progressed into conversations about life cycles.

The eggs arrived and we watched them start to crack and make cheeping noises. As they cracked we could see their beaks and we could see them pecking out from inside the shell.
We were very lucky to be able to watch 10 eggs all hatch over a period of a few days.

Once the chickens were out and fluffy we then were able to put them in the viewing container with their food and water and their special yellow light to keep them warm.

CHICKEN FACT: Did you know that before a chicken breaks out from their egg they actually eat the yolk from inside their egg that they are in. This is what gives them the immense energy to break their way out of the egg, and this assists them to not have to eat for 24 to 48 hours while they are learning to peck the food that they have provided for them.

The chickens now are big enough for us to hold and pat and we are really excited this week to be spending some time with them.
We are lucky enough to have the chicken here with us until Friday and then they will go off back to farm, or off to new home with some of our families who have chosen to adopt them.

What’s next on our life cycle journey??? We will find out very soon!

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