Kool Kidz Tarneit Visit The Zoo

On Wednesday the 4th of November Kool Kidz Tarneit’s kinder children went on an excursion by bus to Werribee Zoo. The children did a lot of investigating beforehand on what they would find on their trip, and were fortunate to see some amazing animals in their natural habitats. Children took part in the 40 minute bus safari as well as a 40 minute investigatory session, “Nature’s calling” in the education outdoor classroom at the zoo.

The children had an amazing day, with a picnic morning tea and lunch and a walk around to look at other animals in their environment. We were able to meet the zoo keeper at the Lion enclosure right at feeding time and we were also able to hear about saving the gorillas through recycling your old mobile phone. Learn more about it here…

Our bus trip through the countries of Africa was able to show us animals in their natural habitats. We were able to see giraffe, zebras, hippopotamus, camels, deer, bison’s, water buck’s and ostrich’s, amongst just a few.

Through our walking around we were able to see meerkats, gorillas, lots of birds and wildlife and learn what is around us in the world today.
The children, parents and educators enjoyed their day of learning and getting out into the local community.

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