Hey Dee Ho

Hey Dee Ho- Snugglepots, Honeybees, Beetlebugs, Jitterbugs and Butterflies on Wednesday Mornings

Each week is set around a theme using traditional children’s songs, current pop songs and dances (e.g. The Wiggles and Hi 5) and a selection of original Australian compositions. The curriculum has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Music and Childhood development, to include the key areas of childhood development – physical, emotional and intellectual.

Basic music concepts are explored each week using simple percussion instruments, action songs and activities. Throughout the activities we also use

• “Auslan signing”- the Australian sign language of the deaf;
• Musical languages -teaching children simple greetings and songs in other languages;
• “Sol fa” hand signs to promote tuneful singing;
• Spatial awareness and other activities to stimulate childhood development

Fiction Factory- Caterpillars and Kinder on Monday Afternoons
The Fiction Factory program delivers interactive, movement based stories that, captivate and stimulate all ages, are highly creative, include a mix of active and passive drama based activities, using body strengthening poses and aerobic movements, present songs and role plays – each session is designed to enhance imagination and build on children’s storytelling skills. It’s a real work out for the MIND and BODY!

Active 8- Caterpillars and Kinder on Friday Mornings
hey dee ho Active 8 ensures pre-schoolers can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies.

The 8 Key Areas addressed in our program are as follows:-
• Sport Skills – a range of activities using bean bags, balls, hula hoops, balloons, tunnels etc.
• Aerobic/Cardio – high energy activities and games.
• Gross Motor Skills – exercises and activities concentrating on large muscle groups.
• Co-ordination – using a variety of fun activities to improve co-ordination.
• Balance – fun balancing games and locomotive exercises.
• Dance/Cheerleading – Children will learn variety of dances, musical

Games and cheerleading sequences.
• Spatial Awareness – Brain Gym exercises e.g. Cross patterning.
•Education – Health and nutritional information are woven into the body of the program.

Cheer leading, circus skills, musical games and exercises are integrated into the program with all activities designed to stimulate the physical development of your child.


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