Play Equipment Installation

The week commencing 21st July, we started to get our playground equipment installed. It has been such an exciting journey so far!! And it is great to see the final pieces of Kool Kidz Tarneit coming together.

I believe the outdoor space helps to support our educational programming, in which children “learn through play”, the structures we have invested in are fun and inviting!!! We have ….a multitude of characters such as Soldiers, Mermaids and Crocodiles and different settings such as pirate ships and castles to encourage and support your childrens’ imagination.

Play Equipment Installation 613

I cannot wait to see the children (and educators) playing and enjoying the equipment. The play equipment has travelled a long way all the way from Europe, Denmark in fact. It is “state of the art” as we have included some “smart- playground” equipment in our design.

The “Smart-playground” has built the fascinating themes of fairy tales into outdoor play designs, and combined age-appropriate physical challenges with a full digital package of fairy tales and virtual games supporting learning, edutainment and fun.


The different play equipment structures are age-appropriate and have been built in different parts of the outdoor space, so that the children and educators can come straight out of their indoor space into their outdoor play equipment. There will be fencing to ensure safety and to section off the areas for the younger children which will be put in as we continue to develop the area.

Every child matters @ Kool Kidz Tarneit!

Update: you can see the finished product here!


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