Butterflies Complete Project Igloo from Recycled Materials

Butterflies Complete Project Igloo from Recycled Materials

Our big project of Igloo is complete!

Our Butterflies room started collecting milk bottles on 25th January,2018.

It took a approximately 2 months to collect and finish the project. Thank you so much all our Lovely families who helped us collect the empty milk containers. Children were so excited to get the milk container and saying,”Poonam, this is for our Igloo”. We are so proud that we have such a wonderful families who helped me to accomplish our project here at Kool Kidz Tarneit West childcare.

We figured it out by drawing a circle on cardboard off how big we can make igloo. We have used heavy cardboard to make a base for our igloo. The bottom milk bottles glued to this to stabilize the whole structure.

Next we placed out the number of bottles needed for our base layer, on the cardboard, lids facing into the circle. We left a big doorway, large enough for children to easily crawl through and explore.

We glued the milk bottles together in pairs, handles together, using glue, holding each in place for about a minute to allow the glue to start to set. We repeated this procedure for each following layer, slightly indenting the layers as we gone up, making the curve more pronounced at the upper layers, until it curved right over, making the igloo roof.

Next plan is to create the natural theme to set the Igloo such as polar bear, white tigers, and some trees,water, Fish etc.

Once again Thank you to all our Lovely families of KKTW for your big support to achieve our goal.