Science Week for the Beetlebugs at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

Science Week for the Beetlebugs at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

This week at Kool Kidz Ravenhall we are celebrating Science Week. While researching Science Week, we (educators), have come to learn that science is not just about making a fizzy, bubbling volcano but it is about the process /steps of completing the desired goal, i.e. building a bridge, a tower, hypothesising whether something will sink or float or simply mixing two colours and recording the end result.

Today our Beetlebug room has done some of their own hypothesising, WILL IT SINK OR FLOAT? The educators in Beetlebugs set up two tubs on the table with water. Immediately this invited inquisitive minds to come over and the educator began to explain the activity. What a wonderful way to promote a sense of being, the children had the choice of whether they wanted to participate in this experiment.

Children were asked to go around the room and choose a few items, upon their return they had the opportunity to see firsthand whether their items sunk to the bottom or stayed afloat on the surface.

Even though this was a “Science Experiment”, what we noticed was how well the children responded to being a part of a small group/community, they would watch on as their peers added their items to the tubs and some children asked if it was their turn, while others repeated “sink or float”, the educators acknowledged each child’s involvement and use of verbal / nonverbal interactions.

We are so proud of our Beetlebugs and how they engaged in the activity. Not only were they involved in a science activity but also exposed to working within a team, building on their sense of belonging, being and becoming.