Ravenhall gets Sporty

Ravenhall gets Sporty

In celebration of the AFL and Rugby Grand Final, we got dressed in our sport team’s colours and journeyed into Kool Kidz Ravenhall.

It was super awesome to see our little friends as well as educators sporting their favourite team jerseys or colours. What an awesome way to promote a sense of identity and being.

In the afternoon we invited Little Sports Heroes to come and engage in techniques and games with the children in the Beetlebugs and Butterflies room (they spent thirty minutes in each yard). In the older room they encouraged children to warm up first and showed them how to kick and handball a footy. Games were followed that focused on team work and skills they learned with the football. Children did so well following instructions and were really engaged in the program.
The younger children spent time familiarizing themselves with the different shaped balls and the way they bounced. Some children were shown and encouraged how to kick the football. They played small games of pass to pass and all received a stamp at the end. It was such a great and active afternoon that we can’t wait to do it again soon.



Active Healthy Bodies and Me, Myself & I.

Learning Outcomes:

1.9 confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play

2.1 begin to recognise that they have a right to belong to many communities

3.2.3 engage in increasingly complex sensory-motor skills and movement patterns