A Morning with Little Sports Heroes

A Morning with Little Sports Heroes

We welcomed Little Sports Heroes back to our service. They came in with an energetic presence and we couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for the Butterflies and Beetlebugs Room.

On this particular day, L.S.H (Little Sports Heroes), began a discussion with our Butterflies, about muscles and what muscles we use when doing certain sports activities / movements. They emphasised the importance of warming those muscles up before beginning any type of sport. So, with that, the children jumped up and got straight into some warm-up moves that LSH were demonstrating; (the next day, children who had participated in the incursion, were heard talking about warming their muscles up).

The session was all about coordination, soccer and above all HAVING FUN!

The children took part in a game- much similar to skittles, but instead of pins they had stacked buckets up and had the children kick the soccer ball to knock them over. Every effort was praised and celebrated but also, children were encouraged to follow rules that came with the game. What an amazing way to teach / introduce turn taking, adhering to game rules, fair play and self-worth.

Children were also given a chance to ’Bend it Like Beckham’ and try to shoot into the goals. It was really great to see the children take turns, encourage their peers and cheer them on. The Butterflies Room was sad to see them go but were reassured that they will be back next month.

LSH headed over to our Beetlebug’s yard, where they held a very different but still a very FUN session. Our coaches from LSH, emphasised on coordination through how to throw a ball over and underarm, aiming to get a ball into a bucket, kicking a ball, and self-confidence.

The feedback we gained from children’s expressions was a 5-star rating. Everyone partook in the incursion and loved getting involved. The two coaches did an awesome job building on the children’s confidence through praise and encouraging words.

We can’t wait till next month 😊