Little Dancers at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

Little Dancers at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

Kool Kidz have their very own special curriculum; a curriculum that has been specially designed just for Kool Kidz services and they are the 11 Blocks. The 11 blocks assist families to see what learning areas are being encouraged and planned but also ensures that educators are carefully implementing areas of interest that instil learning.


Kool Kidz Ravenhall Preschool are making 2018 a year of promoting healthy foods and the importance of being active. At the end of last year, we introduced cooking master classes to our three to five-year-old group. It was/is such a success; not only is it paving a pathway to healthy eating, but it also gave opportunities to learn about risk assessment, life skills and a great way to exercise our social skills.

To continue this journey, we did a little research within our educators and found that Natalie, our wonderful educator from Beetlebugs, does dancing. So, we proposed an idea and she jumped on this opportunity.

We researched the benefits, and we were quite excited to see what they were:

  • Boosts Self Esteem – dancing makes you feel good, and when you feel good you release the ‘feel good’ hormone of Serotonin. It also promotes children to express themselves through creative movements.
  • Improves Memory – During a dance class, children will need to remember steps and sequences. It also builds new neuro connections in the brain, that aid with long term memory and spatial awareness.
  • Children improve their skill to listen – Not only will they be encouraged to listen to instructions, but also learn to listen to different beats of music.
  • Positive Social Skills – In a non-competitive environment, children will learn to praise one another and build positive relationships.
  • Expression of Oneself – Dancing can also provide another outlet for children to express themselves

Natalie sat down and planned out her lessons for the next four weeks. Our first lesson was all about learning the importance of stretching and warming up, and then a few basic moves were introduced. Children were engaged,  and excited by the idea and process. Natalie was so impressed with everyone’s choice to be involved and she could tell by their enthusiasm and engagement that this will definitely be an ongoing program.


Active Healthy Bodies

Me, myself and I

Art Expression

Letters & Words.

Rhythm and Melodies.


  • Are happy, healthy, safe and connected to others
  • Engage in increasingly complex sensory-motor skills and movement patterns