Kool Kidz Ravenhall’s Jitterbugs Go on a Real Adventure.

Kool Kidz Ravenhall’s Jitterbugs Go on a Real Adventure.

Today was a very exciting day, today Kool Kidz Ravenhall celebrated another ‘first’.

When engaging in meaningful play in our outdoor environment, you can hear when the boom gates ring their siren and the toot of the train as it zooms past.
There is more than a handful of times, when the children will shout out or make reference to the train going past. The Educators have also seen and heard the children incorporate the train in their ‘pretend’ and ‘imaginative play’. One day, the Educators approached me on how they can follow up this interest, we brainstormed and decided that we would like to make the connection and transfer their knowledge from one context to another, “Let’s take them to see the trains go past…”
Risk Assessments, Permission Slips and Maps were planned out and on the 07/12/17, we set off on a (short) adventure.

The Educators were so excited on the morning of, that both educator and child shared their happiness and excitement with each other, what a nice way to build a sense of identity and a sense of wellbeing.

The children walked out with our Emergency rope (a great excuse to practise using the rope), and we walked alongside Kool Kidz Ravenhall, reminding children to ‘Watch where you step’. As we were making our way to a small hill, a Fire Truck drove past, the children all waved and they waved too, even flashing their lights and letting their siren ring for a few seconds… Every one cheered.
When the children reached the top of the small hill, the boom gate siren begun, “the train is coming” “the gates are down”, “where’s the train?”
After the first train, the boom gates stayed down… this only meant one thing, a SECOND TRAIN was on its way. Children were asked if they could hear the train coming and which side they thought it could come from, (this naturally sparked a debate), but it was a great way to get the children to hypothesise and make predictions. The expressions on their faces changed as they listened and watched for the train… When they heard the loud “TOOOOOOT”, they all gasped and pointed to the direction it was coming from. The children waved much more enthusiastically than the first time.
It was so heart warming to see the children so excited and we will definitely take another short adventure with our Jitterbugs.

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