Kool Kidz Ravenhall’s Calisthenics Superstar

Kool Kidz Ravenhall's Calisthenics Superstar

The team here at Kool Kidz Ravenhall would like to give a special shout out to Amelia for her amazing efforts in her Calisthenics competitions and training.  This little superstar has completed two competitions in the past two weeks, her club was placed third – twice – and received honourable mentions, which is pretty impressive for 3-6-year-olds. Amelia loves to dress up and of course the makeup.

Amelia has received two awards at her competitions and will receive medals and trophies at the end of the year as well. Amelia attends K&K Calisthenics in Ravenhall, which is run by two mums who have a great deal of passion for Calisthenics.

Thanks to Janelle (Amelia’s mum) for the awesome write-up and photos. We are very proud of Amelia (K K Ravenhall is super lucky to have such a driven little person) and we wish her all the best in future competitions.