How to Make Easy and Healthy Loaded Potatoes!

How to Make Easy and Healthy Loaded Potatoes!

As 2018 rolled in, so did our ideas for our Cooking Master Classes; to kick off a new year we thought of introducing Healthy Loaded Potatoes.

Our wonderful chef pre-baked all the potatoes in foil whist the little chefs prepped their ingredients. In this master class, children were introduced to the grater. Children had turns at grating carrot, cucumber and slicing tomato, capsicum and lettuce.

It was wonderful to see the children who had participated during last years experiences, remember the safety rules that went with using knives at our childcare.

During the experience, educators had conversations about the vegetables and fruits we were using, for instance, where does a potato grow? Where does a tomato grow?
It was quite interesting, as majority of the children knew that some grew in the ground and others in trees, one child even said a strawberries grow on a bush.

Another interesting observation was made, most children ate all the healthy toppings and left the potato, which definitely surprised me; I had presumed that children would eat the potato and leave the toppings. Was it because they helped prepare the toppings?

Back in the room, we had conversations about grocery stores, farms and speciality stores such as seafood shops and butchers. Children made reference to when they visit these stores and what they usually buy. Our Kinder Teacher (with the help) of the children, created a recipe scrap book. It’s magnificently large and looks great as steps are shown in pictures.


Healthy Loaded Potatoes Recipe 



1-2 potatoes per person***




Tasty Cheese

Cherry tomatoes

Capsicums (red and green)


Kidney Beans*** – tin

Corn Kernels – tin



Pre-heat oven to 180 (fan forced)

Wash and dry your potatoes

Wrap each potato* individually in foil and place on tray and bake for

In the meantime, grate your carrot, cucumber and tasty cheese into individual bowls.

Slice your cherry tomatoes in quarters

Thinly slice your capsicums

Shred your lettuce*

Open and drain kidney beans* and corn and place in two separate bowls.

Once potatoes are cooked right through, with a sharp knife cut an oval shape out of the potato (long ways) and scoop potato out with spoon. (We will use this as a lid once we are done loading up).

Add your toppings and BON APPETITE

***The amount of potatoes would depend on the amount of people you were catering for.

***You could use sweet potato too

***Spinach leaves would be a great nutritional alternative

***You could also use baked beans

– Active Healthy Bodies
– Me, myself and I
– The world and the environment

Wellbeing: show an increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and good nutrition

Community: broaden their understanding of the world in which they live

Learning: Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another
Experience the benefits and pleasures of shared learning exploration