Learn how to make a delicious and healthy fruit kebab for summer!

Learn how to make a delicious and healthy fruit kebab for summer!

A few weeks ago, our Approved Provider Shveta and Educational Leader, sat down with their QIP. ‘How can WE promote healthy eating, healthy bodies and healthy minds to our children and in our service?’ This question floated around while both members brainstormed ideas. Then one day, an extremely bright light bulb appeared on the top of Shveta’s head. “Let’s host a cooking class every Friday morning”.

Yes! Not only would we host a cooking class, we could teach children about healthy foods, where they come from, how to use them, what they do for our bodies, but also encourage a sense of agency, teach self-help-skills, hygiene and safety whilst using kitchen utensils.

Oh, the excitement. So, for the next three weeks, Shveta, her Educational Leader and (now inviting their Chef) sat down and again brainstormed ideas…

We agreed that we needed to start small, introduce simple experiences and really highlight /embed  hygiene and safety practices.

And that is how Fruit Kebabs were decided. Our chefs cut majority of the fruits, but we left the strawberries and bananas for children.

Shveta ran our first class, and it was all about safety when using knives and skewers; our educators promoted hygiene and conversations about the fruits we were using, and where they had come from.

Children engaged in this experience with great enthusiasm. They listened intently, this was evident through their actions when using their knife and threading their own fruit. But the best part out of this WHOLE experience, was the happiness, the self-confidence and the experience the children had when learning how to cut their own fruit safely and making their fruit kebabs.

Our first cooking experience was successful and we couldn’t have been prouder of the children.

So excited for the next class!


Try making a delicious fruit kebab at home:




Apple – Red and Green






-Wash all fruit

– Cut your fruit to a desired piece (ensuring it’s not too small as it will break when skewered).

-Choose your favourite fruits and start piercing

-Once complete, set down and admire.

-Finally pick it up and go for gold


  • You could also freeze your Fruity Kebabs for those hot summer days