Christmas Fun at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

Christmas Fun at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

There is something about this silly season, even though it’s a mad rush to have everything ready, everything finished and complete, there is still a sense of joy and light heartedness. I’ve spent quite some time in the rooms over the last few days, and I have loved watching how each child’s eyes light up at the sight or mention of Christmas.
Each room introduced an activity that represented the children’s interest and Christmas:

Honeybees, have been exploring finger painting and sensory activities, so the educators encouraged children to create their Christmas baubles. Over the past few months we have seen children engage in many sensory activities – one being painting. We have also seen a development in the way children react to the paint on the hands; they completely embrace it now exploring the texture and markings they make with it.

Beetlebugs have also been doing a lot of sensory activities, (Nat and Kamal are part of our Green Team), and to continue with their encouragement of being sustainable, Nat and Kamal collected jars and children had the opportunity to create tea light candle holders. All in all, the educators reported back that it was more of a cause and effect and new sensory experience for the children as they had never painted on glass before.

Jitterbugs loved, loved, loved walking down our hallway (sometimes more than twice a day), to say hello to the Snowman, Star and Christmas Tree. After a few visits, the educators wanted to create a display and were cutting out trees, a child saw this and wanted one for their own, from this, more and more children joined in and our Jitterbugs made their own Christmas trees and wreaths.

Children were also given the option of creating their own Christmas cards, they decorated them with various materials and a photo of them doing so, was placed inside with a sweet message.

Butterflies and Kinder children have been busy, busy, busy. Educators have been decorating their rooms with dream catchers, wall hangings and other beautiful items. Children were quite intrigued by them, and so the educators collected natural materials, and other various items and children were given an opportunity to create their own.

Kinder also had their graduation; children came in and enjoyed a quiet evening celebrating each individual’s achievements and their journey over the past few months. They were awarded their certificates and received a small gift from Sheemal and Tobina. They also enjoyed a yummy homemade cake and took some great photos.

And finally this week, our Kinder teacher Sheemal set up her famous perception painting activity. But this time the children were introduced to Vincent Van Gogh, his history and his famous painting of the ‘Starry Night’.

Here’s a fun fact: After cutting his ear off, he was admitted to an institution. And the ‘Starry Night’ painting was inspired by the view he had outside his window of his room whilst in hospital.

  • Children were given a much softer version of this, and Sheemal told me that the children all sympathised with Vincent Van Gogh’s story and they had a lot of questions.

Children interpreted the famous painting by creating their own. I was honestly amazed. From there the educators loved watching as the children spoke about re-creating the shapes, patterns and lines in the masterpiece, that they came up with another idea. They tore crepe paper up, and had children re-create their version again but with the paper. Educators noticed how much they were focused on the patterns Van Gogh had used and they too attempted to replicate these.


Everyone at Kool Kidz Ravenhall is thrilled with the progress that the children are making and we can not wait to see what the New Year will bring.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to all and we hope you have a wonderful, safe and healthy New Year.


A Morning with Little Sports Heroes

A Morning with Little Sports Heroes

We welcomed Little Sports Heroes back to our service. They came in with an energetic presence and we couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for the Butterflies and Beetlebugs Room.

On this particular day, L.S.H (Little Sports Heroes), began a discussion with our Butterflies, about muscles and what muscles we use when doing certain sports activities / movements. They emphasised the importance of warming those muscles up before beginning any type of sport. So, with that, the children jumped up and got straight into some warm-up moves that LSH were demonstrating; (the next day, children who had participated in the incursion, were heard talking about warming their muscles up).

The session was all about coordination, soccer and above all HAVING FUN!

The children took part in a game- much similar to skittles, but instead of pins they had stacked buckets up and had the children kick the soccer ball to knock them over. Every effort was praised and celebrated but also, children were encouraged to follow rules that came with the game. What an amazing way to teach / introduce turn taking, adhering to game rules, fair play and self-worth.

Children were also given a chance to ’Bend it Like Beckham’ and try to shoot into the goals. It was really great to see the children take turns, encourage their peers and cheer them on. The Butterflies Room was sad to see them go but were reassured that they will be back next month.

LSH headed over to our Beetlebug’s yard, where they held a very different but still a very FUN session. Our coaches from LSH, emphasised on coordination through how to throw a ball over and underarm, aiming to get a ball into a bucket, kicking a ball, and self-confidence.

The feedback we gained from children’s expressions was a 5-star rating. Everyone partook in the incursion and loved getting involved. The two coaches did an awesome job building on the children’s confidence through praise and encouraging words.

We can’t wait till next month 😊


Science Week for the Beetlebugs at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

Science Week for the Beetlebugs at Kool Kidz Ravenhall

This week at Kool Kidz Ravenhall we are celebrating Science Week. While researching Science Week, we (educators), have come to learn that science is not just about making a fizzy, bubbling volcano but it is about the process /steps of completing the desired goal, i.e. building a bridge, a tower, hypothesising whether something will sink or float or simply mixing two colours and recording the end result.

Today our Beetlebug room has done some of their own hypothesising, WILL IT SINK OR FLOAT? The educators in Beetlebugs set up two tubs on the table with water. Immediately this invited inquisitive minds to come over and the educator began to explain the activity. What a wonderful way to promote a sense of being, the children had the choice of whether they wanted to participate in this experiment.

Children were asked to go around the room and choose a few items, upon their return they had the opportunity to see firsthand whether their items sunk to the bottom or stayed afloat on the surface.

Even though this was a “Science Experiment”, what we noticed was how well the children responded to being a part of a small group/community, they would watch on as their peers added their items to the tubs and some children asked if it was their turn, while others repeated “sink or float”, the educators acknowledged each child’s involvement and use of verbal / nonverbal interactions.

We are so proud of our Beetlebugs and how they engaged in the activity. Not only were they involved in a science activity but also exposed to working within a team, building on their sense of belonging, being and becoming.