The Amazing Art Continues

The Amazing Art Continues

The Kinder children have once again amazed us with their art. As an outsider looking at this experience, I believe it teaches children to find the beauty in their everyday environment – teaching them to show respect and care for living and non-living things.

Our Kinder teacher with the help of one of her friends chose the colours that would be needed to paint their new still life. Once materials were organised, the children ventured outdoors and instead of sitting on a chair at a table or standing at an easel, they were given an opportunity to sit on a rock and paint a growing tree. It was so beautiful to see.

An observation that was made by our Kinder teacher, was that children were beginning to take more time with their art and even more open to discussions about the colours they were using and what they could see. Their attention to detail was also growing, some even taking notice of the shape of the leaves.

We are always excited to see what happens next.


KBC Blocks: Art Expression, The World and the Environment, Letters and Words



2.4 Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

4.4.2 Use their senses to explore natural and built environments

5.2 Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media