All Aboard the Letter Train

All Aboard the Letter Train

Our Butterflies room have shown a great interest in letters and writing since the beginning of Kool Kidz Ravenhall. One of our very first articles was all about the children engaging in book writing and writing their names; this interest continues and the growth between then and now is clearly visible. Therefore, a learning area for Letters and Words (referring to our eleven blocks), is always evident in the Butterflies / Kinder program.

Last week, our Kinder Teacher created name cards for each child, on the inside of the little patty pans, Sheemal printed single letters (a lot of times). Children were then encouraged to find and match the letters to their names, and stick them on a piece of recycled card from a box. Two of the children were set a challenge to not use their name cards and try and recall what letters appeared in their name, challenge accepted- challenged conquered.

The Educators encouraged the use of the correct names of the letters and also offered a lot of praise for all their attempts. Children were so proud of their efforts when completed and a lot of them couldn’t wait to show their families.

So not only was this activity great for exercising their ability to match symbols but also a great way to encourage letter recognition, build on their ability to concentrate, embed their sense of identity and self-worth.


Kool Beginnings Curriculum
Letters and Words
Me, Myself and I
Early Years Learning Framework
Seek out and accept new challenges, make new discoveries, and celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others
Begin to understand key literacy concepts and processes, such as the sounds of language, letter-sound relationships, concepts of print and the ways that texts are structured