Wild Action Zoo visits Kool Kidz Preston

Wild Action Zoo visits Kool Kidz Preston

Today we had lots of fun exploring the natural environment.

Wild Action Zoo visits Kool Kidz Preston Childcare. We had an animal incursion where children expressed enthusiasm and interest developing an understanding on how to look after and respect animals.

Amongst these animals were reptiles, the children had the opportunity to explore with their sense of touch, feeling the different skin types of these animals. This experience empowers children to develop a relationship with the natural environment and a knowledge of their own place in the environment. This experience also provided children with opportunities for them to develop respect and a sense of responsibility for the well-being of both the living and non-living environment.

KBC: My World and the environment

VEYLF: 2.1.4: Children are connected and contribute to their world by gaining an understanding of the world