What a fun week in the Kindergarten room at Kool Kidz Preston

What a fun week in the Kindergarten room at Kool Kidz Preston

The children showered great interest in recycling and sustainability this week so we collected cupboard boxes from the kitchen to construct our own guitars as musical instruments. The kinder children showed that were very handy with the scissors and glue in putting together their guitars and they were delighted and enthusiastic in playing them while listening and dancing to their favourite songs.

Solaf was also very happy and clever to invent her own microphone using magnetic toys. The kinder children were excited about playing different cultural music and this week we chose Arabic songs. The kinder’s next project will be planning to have a stage in the room for children express their talents and build confidence through singing and storytelling.

The Kinder also focussed on letter recognition this week. A fishing experience was set up in the room and the children were happily engaged in this experience for the whole week. They requested the activity every day and it was wonderful seeing all the learning that occurred during the activity.

The children were very excited when they were able to identify some of the letters Judy and Lorenso will continue to help children in this learning interest while making learning fun for children.


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