Celebrating Mother’s Day at Kool Kidz Preston

On Thursday 10th of May we held our Mother’s Day afternoon tea. The children spent the week preparing for this special event by making gifts for their mothers as well as decorations to set up their rooms for the event. The Butterflies and Kinder rooms were buzzing with activities including a nail station where mothers and loved ones where treated to a special manicure from their children!

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Making Smoothies for World Health Day at Kool Kidz Preston

Making Smoothies for World Health Day at Kool Kidz Preston

Today we celebrated World Health Day in the Beetle Bugs room. It was an opportunity to remind children of the importance of a healthy lifestyle; a day to recognise how to stay healthy and take care of ourselves.
The children all took turns in placing some healthy fruits into a blender, including rasberries and bananas. They then poured the milk in and watched all the ingredients mix together. We also discussed what kinds of fruit we like to eat at Kool Kidz Preston.

Cooking experiences teach children how food is prepared and cooked and how it contributes to their health and wellbeing. Children enjoy cooking experiences as it is one of the few activities which allow them to do exactly the same thing as an adult.

This experience enabled the group to work together to see a task through to completion and take pride in a group task. It also encouraged them to work co-operatively (sharing and taking turns) and learn about nutrition (preparing a healthy snack).

It didn’t taste too bad either!!

KBC: Active Healthy Bodies

LO 3.2: Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.


Animal Farm at Kool Kidz Preston!

Animal Farm at Kool Kidz Preston!

The children at Kool Kidz Preston went on an adventure with the help of the Myuna Farm Animal Nursery. They had the opportunity to interact with friendly farm animals like: chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, turtle, farm dog, rooster, geese and lambs. The children were able to look at the animals from a distance and for the more confident ones feed and cuddle them. We also had some parents and grandparents come and join in the fun.

Supporting children in their growing awareness and interest in animals can lead to deeper feelings of empathy in young children, more positive classroom relationships, and social-emotional development.  As children have experiences with animals, they learn about differences and similarities, needs (such as for food, shelter, water and space), and compassion and empathy can grow and deepen.

How can you support children’s love for animals?

  • Set up a bird feeding area outside your back yard or in another location where the children will be able to view the birds. (Note, many seed mixes contain peanuts, a common allergen.)
  • Venture outside often! Even a trail of ants on a sidewalk can be exciting and special. If you do come across wildlife, allow the children to observe and share their discoveries. Encourage their questions and conversations.
  • Encourage (but don’t force) quiet observation. Most of the animals you’ll likely encounter (insects, birds) are accustomed to humans, so often they won’t be too afraid of noisy, excited children. If children’s outbursts do frighten the animals away, just use that as an opportunity to make a scientific observation about the effects of noise on animals. As you know, it’s awfully hard for young children to stay silent when they are excited and surprised!
  • Look and listen for evidence of animals every time you are outdoors. You may see tracks, nests, or other signs of animals. You may hear birds chattering in the cold winter morning. Allow the children to point out their observations and the “clues” that wildlife is everywhere.


Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Preston

Cultural Diversity Week at Kool Kidz Preston

Cultural Diversity Week is Victoria’s largest multicultural celebration, held annually in March to coincide with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Harmony Day on 21 March.

Since the traditional owners first inhabited the land, Victoria’s cultural diversity has continued to evolve and shape our identity.

At Kool Kidz Preston, educators and families come from many different cultural backgrounds. It is only by understanding our similarities that we discover the humanity we share, and the story of inclusion begins to unfold.

The children explored lots of different aspects of multiculturalism this week through music, dance, traditional dress, art/craft activities and books.

On this journey, they learned that people we think are not ‘like us’ – are actually just people, like us


Outcome 2.2 Children respond to diversity with respect

This is evident when:

Children explore and celebrate diverse cultures, understandings and new opportunities to learn about alternative ways of living.

–  Children recognize and celebrate the similarities and differences between themselves and others

KBC: My World and the Environment





Kool Kidz Preston Caterpillars make delicious Gnocchi for lunch!

Kool Kidz Preston Caterpillars make delicious Gnocchi for lunch!

This week the children in Caterpillars room were able to get involved in a cooking activity making gnocchi for their lunch.

The children were able to be involved in the process from the start. They assisted the staff as they peeled the potatoes and got them ready to cook. Whilst the potatoes were cooking, the children talked with the educators about what else they needed to do to make the gnocchi.

Once the potatoes were cooked, and drained of their water, the children had great fun using the potato masher to mash up the potato so it was easy to manipulate. The children then assisted making the potato into small cylinders of gnocchi.

For lunch we all enjoyed eating the gnocchi’s with some sauce made by the chef.

KBC: Kidz Lab


LO 3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

LO 4.2 Children develop a range of skills & processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing, researching   & investigating.

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Kool Kidz Preston Father’s Day Celebrations

Kool Kidz Preston Father’s Day Celebrations

Last week Kool Kidz Preston celebrated an afternoon with Dads and other important people.

Our Kool Kidz had an amazing afternoon spending time with their fathers and other special friends. Following an afternoon tea in the playground each age group participated in their own games and activities.

An extremely important day on the calendar, Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and the influence our Dads have on society. It was great to see such an amazing turn out and see all the Dads, grandfathers and other important people amongst other things, playing with play dough, construction blocks, painting and having a wonderful time in the playground.

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Kool Kidz Preston Kindergarten Update

Kool Kidz Preston Kindergarten Update

Dear Families,

This week we talked about different cities in Australia after one of the children shared their experience of flying to a different state on holidays. Other children joined in to the conversation and shared their experiences of travelling on aeroplanes to different places. When we participate in discussions together we broaden our understanding of the world in which we live, showing interest in others and being part of a group. Extending on from this discussion we used the ‘Map of Australia’ to locate different states and we made paper aeroplanes that children designed beautifully. The educators contributed to the discussion by sharing where their home countries were and how they travel to those destinations.

Children were interested in making play dough and they asked for a variety of colours so we ended up making 4 small batches of different coloured play dough. Giving children choices builds their confidence and self-esteem and shows them that their opinions matter and are valued.

Following on from the children’s interest in camping, the group collaboratively worked together to make a camp fire. We extended the role pay by cooking marshmallows on the fire and reading story books in our warm pyjamas.

As part of our intentional teaching this week we talked about composting. We watched a video on what to add into the compost and the worm farm. Children were excited to create our indoor worm farm and they helped to cut up the scraps from the kitchen and feed the worms. This experience was a great way of teaching children about recycling and sustaining the environment.

Children were supported with their letter recognition and learning to write their names. They are showing that they are curious and active participants in their learning. Children are beginning to understand letter-sound relationships and concepts of print.

Have a lovely week
The Kinder Team