Special Moments in the Jitterbugs room

This week was a little bit chilly and the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time in small groups in our indoor space.

The Jitterbugs showed how much they loved cooking and creating something themselves to enjoy together, and as a team we thought a fun way to extend on last week’s activity would be to make some playdough together.

The children loved measuring out the ingredients and adding them to the big bowl. We took turns stirring and mixing everything together. Then we needed to decide on a colour to make the playdough. Most of the Jitterbugs really wanted some blue coloured playdough, while some of the others wanted red playdough instead.

We ended up creating two different coloured batches to keep everyone happy and entertained.

The children loved getting the chance to participate and create their own playdough, they learned about mathematical concepts, discussed colours, worked on their communication skills and social skills by compromising on which colour to make. Playdough is a great way for children to develop so many skills, such as fine motor manipulation, communication through discussions with each other and with educators about what to make, social skills when turn taking and sharing tools, cognitive development and growth of little imaginations.


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