Preston Kinder learn about caring for the environment

This week we had a discussion on different ways to care for our environment. We have talked about keeping our bikes out of the garden, walking on pathways, using less water while washing hands. We also discussed about sustainable practices that we already implement, such as recycling paper and water. Children were able to share practices that they implement in their home environments. Eli mentioned that they have a compost bin at home, Reggie added that they have a compost bin too and his father uses rain water to water the plants. We also discussed about other sustainable practices such as turning the lights off when not in use, collecting rain water to water plants, the use of the solar system, having a garden for fresh vegetables, keeping chicken for fresh eggs and water conservation.

Children are connected with and contribute to their world, they become socially responsible and show respect for their environment.

Here are some handy tips to teach your children about sustainability:

• Start a rainwater collection area, and use that water for your garden.
• Start composting. Creating a compost pile reduces food waste while providing organic fertiliser for your garden.
• Turn to your local farmer’s markets to teach about fresh produce.
• Avoid single use products and encourage recycling.

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