Making Smoothies for World Health Day at Kool Kidz Preston

Making Smoothies for World Health Day at Kool Kidz Preston

Today we celebrated World Health Day in the Beetle Bugs room. It was an opportunity to remind children of the importance of a healthy lifestyle; a day to recognise how to stay healthy and take care of ourselves.
The children all took turns in placing some healthy fruits into a blender, including rasberries and bananas. They then poured the milk in and watched all the ingredients mix together. We also discussed what kinds of fruit we like to eat at Kool Kidz Preston childcare.

Cooking experiences teach children how food is prepared and cooked and how it contributes to their health and wellbeing. Children enjoy cooking experiences as it is one of the few activities which allow them to do exactly the same thing as an adult.

This experience enabled the group to work together to see a task through to completion and take pride in a group task. It also encouraged them to work co-operatively (sharing and taking turns) and learn about nutrition (preparing a healthy snack).

It didn’t taste too bad either!!

KBC: Active Healthy Bodies

LO 3.2: Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.